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The most practical introductory accounting book for accounting and finance students, packed with examples and accompanied by a wealth of online resources.

  • A multitude of numerical and real life examples, together with the 'Why is this relevant to me?' feature, engage students by demonstrating why the material is important in real life, and how the tools and techniques are used in practice by professional accountants
  • Written in a clear, lively style that speaks directly to the reader, and draws on the author's wealth of teaching experience to anticipate questions and areas of confusion
  • Sets the 'number-crunching' into a logically-structured and extremely readable narrative
  • Frequent signposts in the book direct students to relevant material within the extensive accompanying online resources to make it easy for them to build on and consolidate their learning
  • Packed with supportive learning features that break down each topic into manageable chunks, and prompt students to realistically assess their understanding and undertake self-led practice
  • Two full chapters and an extensive online case study guide students towards a solid understanding of double-entry bookkeeping, a critical topic for first year accounting and finance students to grasp
  • Content maps closely to the topics covered in the first year of an accounting and finance degree, allowing students to get to grips with the fundamentals of the subject without being overwhelmed or distracted by unnecessary detail

Review quotes:

With its clear, logical structure, stimulating exercises, and user-friendly feel, this is an excellent text that will really make a difference to students’ learning.
Dr Androniki Triantafylli, Queen Mary University of London

The author has done a marvellous job – he approaches the subject with a passion and enthusiasm that keeps the reader engaged and focused throughout. I will certainly be recommending that my students buy this book!
Dr Anwar Halari, The Open University


Introduction to Accounting |   First Edition   |   Peter Scott |   February 2018   |   556 pages   |   Paperback   |   ISBN: 9780198783282