What's new

A lot can change in a subject between editions. The authors have extensively reviewed the first edition and its accompanying resources, and as a result numerous additions have been made to the second edition, a selection of which you can view below.

  • The real-life cases have been enriched with more European and international examples including Telef√≥nica, IKEA, Deutsche Bank, Hitachi, and Twitter

  • Seminar/group activities and a lecturer guide have been developed to help lecturers make full use of the book and ORC material

  • Additional material on decision-makingneo-Fordism, and Lean Management

  • Extensive new cases covering aspects of ICT such as emoji, hackingelectronic banking , and issues surrounding copyright protection

  • New exclusive interviews with business leaders, including the team behind the Ice Bucket Challenge

  • Updated UK public sector cases in bureaucracy and change management

  • And more!