Online resources

Organizational Behaviour is more than just a textbook - it's a comprehensive and customizable learning package. Rather than taking a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, our Online Resource Centre supports the book by offering a range of material that you can adapt for your own purposes. We have designed everything to assist you in delivering engaging and lively teaching which helps your students develop as critical thinkers.

Author blog

If you ever struggle to find up-to-date examples of things in the news to show your students that OB issues are alive and well, then our blog will be of assistance. Linked directly to the textbook and updated six times a year during term time, the blog will respond to items in the news with a particular OB angle. A resource to enhance your lecture or seminar programme or simply a way of getting students to follow the news and understand the practical relevance of what they are learning.

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For students


The world of work can sometimes seem far removed from the theories being discussed in the textbook. Business leaders, employees, and students are interviewed about their experiences, and an author commentary on each video clip explains the links to topics in the book.


Extension material

Additional explanation and analysis of key theories which go beyond what is covered in the textbook are available to help students to take their learning a step further.


Multiple-choice questions

A bank of self-marking, multiple-choice questions has been provided for each chapter of the text and includes instant feedback on students' answers, cross-referencing the textbook to assist with independent self-study.


Web links

A series of annotated web links, organized by chapter, has been provided to point students in the direction of important material on organizational behaviour.


For instructors

Seminar resources

A suite of fully developed seminar activities and tutor notes has been prepared for use in class. These are designed to develop students' understanding of the subject, deepen critical thinking, and offer opportunities for connection to their own experiences. Utilizing our fictional case study students act as consultants through a 'problem-based learning' approach, developing their own solutions to the problems Junction Hotel and its staff face. Seminars also contain a range of real life case studies including videos and transcripts of our interviews with business leaders, giving students direct accounts of OB issues from the heart of organizations. 


Test bank

A fully customizable resource containing interactive multiple-choice questions accompanied by answers and feedback with which to test your students. The test bank complements the review questions in the textbook providing the opportunity for students to deepen their understanding as they move from 'description' questions, to the more stretching and critical 'application' and 'analysis' questions. Using these signifiers students are able to differentiate the more superficial descriptive answers from the deeper and more critical analysis approach the textbook supports.


PowerPoint® slides

Customizable PowerPoint® slides have been included for use in lecture presentations. Arranged by chapter theme, the slides may also be used as handouts in class.