Detailed contents

    Introduction, John Baylis, Steve Smith and Patricia Owens
    1: Globalization and global politics, Anthony McGrew
    Part One: The historical context
    2: The rise of modern international order, George Lawson
    3: International history, 1900-99, Len Scott
    4: From the end of the cold war to a new global era?, Michael Cox
    5: Rising powers and the emerging global order, Andrew Hurrell
    Part Two: Theories of world politics
    6: Realism, Tim Dunne and Brian C. Schmidt
    7: Liberalism, Tim Dunne
    8: Marxist theories, Stephen Hobden and Richard Wyn Jones
    9: Social constructivism, Michael Barnett
    10: Post structuralism, Lene Hansen
    11: Post-colonialism, Christine Sylvester
    12: Feminism, Helen Kinsella
    13: International ethics, Richard Shapcott
    Part Three: Structures and processes
    14: War and world politics, Tarak Barkawi
    15: International and global security, John Baylis
    16: Global political economy, Nicola Phillips
    17: Gender, Paul Kirby
    18: Race in world politics, Robbie Shilliam
    19: International law, Christian Reus-Smit
    20: International organizations in world politics, Susan Park
    21: The United Nations, Devon Curtis and Paul Taylor
    22: NGOs in world politics, Jutta Joachim
    23: Regionalism in international affairs, Edward Best and Thomas Christiansen
    Part Four: International Issues
    24: Environmental issues, John Vogler
    25: Terrorism and globalization, James D. Kiras
    26: Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Sheena Chestnut Greitens
    27: Nationalism, national self-determination and International Relations, John Breuilly
    28: Global trade and global finance, Matthew Watson
    29: Poverty, hunger and development, Caroline Thomas and Tony Evans
    30: Human security, Amitav Acharya
    31: Human rights, Jack Donnelly
    32: Humanitarian intervention in world politics, Alex J. Bellamy and Nicholas J. Wheeler

The Globalization of World Politics   |   Seventh Edition   |   Edited by John Baylis, Steve Smith and Patricia Owens   |   December 2016   |   648 pages   |   Paperback   |   ISBN: 9780198739852