Detailed contents

The Economy

    1: The Capitalist revolution
    2: Technological change, population and growth
    3: Scarcity, work and choice
    4: Social interactions
    5: Property and power: Mutual gains and conflict
    6: The firm: Owners, managers and employees
    7: The firm and its customers
    8: Supply and demand: Price-taking and competitive markets
    9: The Labour market: Wages, profits, and unemployment
    10: Banks, money and the credit market
    11: Price-setting, rent-seeking, and market dynamics
    12: Markets, efficiency and public policy
    13: Economic fluctuations and unemployment
    14: Unemployment and fiscal policy
    15: Inflation, unemployment and monetary policy
    16: Technological progress, employment and living standards in the long run
    17: The Great Depression, golden age and global financial crisis
    18: The nation and the world economy
    19: Economic inequality
    20: Economics of the environment
    21: Innovation, information and the networked economy
    22: Economics, politics, and public policy

The Economy: Economics for a Changing World   |   The CORE Team   |   September 2017   |   1000 pages   |   Paperback   |   ISBN: 9780198810247