What's new

A lot can change in a subject between editions, particularly in a subject as fast-moving as marketing. The authors have extensively reviewed the book and its accompanying resources, and as a result numerous additions have been made to the fourth edition, a selection of which you can view below.

  • New Case Insights and accompanying video interviews feature companies such as Aston Martin, Spotify, and the City of London Police.
  • New Market Insights incorporate a broader range of more international, digital, and ethics-focused examples.
  • Expanded Market Insight features now include a new section examining the marketing practice being discussed through the lens of the marketing theories presented in the chapter to give students a deeper, more holistic understanding.
  • Discussion of services marketing has been consolidated into a single chapter to align with lecturers' needs, and the chapter on digital and social media now appears in Part 3: Managing Marketing Programmes, to reflect its now integral status in the marketing mix.
  • Critical perspectives are now integrated throughout the book, rather than separated into one chapter.
  • Glossaries now appear at the end of chapters for quicker reference. 
  • A brand new online learning and assessment tool, Dashboard, makes this a complete solution for teaching and learning marketing. The Dashboard course offers test bank of over 700 ready-to-use questions, tailored specifically to this text, which can be automatically graded to cut down time spent on marking.

Marketing   |   Fourth Edition   |   Paul Baines, Chris Fill and Sara Rosengren   |   December 2016   |   768 pages   |   Paperback   |   ISBN: 9780198748533