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Fourth Edition

Paul Baines, Chris Fill and Sara Rosengren

December 2016  |  768 pages  |  Paperback

ISBN: 9780198748533


The theories. The relevance. The reality. The complete package of book and online resources to explain and illustrate how marketing really works.

  • The connection between marketing theory and practice is made explicit throughout, with integrated examples and market insights, featuring companies such as Porsche, Facebook, and L'Oreal.
  • Chapter opening case insights, enhanced by online video interviews with marketing specialists from the companies features, pose real-life marketing dilemmas and show students first-hand how marketing practitioners approach real-world problems.
  • Marketing practice is presented in a global context, including discussions of advertising in the Middle East, Soberana marketing in Panama, and LEGO's expansion into emerging markets.
  • Presents students with the latest advances in technology and social media, and the innovative ways these tools can be used in marketing.
  • Regular links to seminal papers help students to take their learning further and introduce them to classic and contemporary influential contributions.
  • Review and discussion questions at the end of every chapter consolidate learning, and encourage readers to adopt a critical perspective on the concepts discussed.
  • Accompanied by the most extensive online support package available, including tips and information on skills, as well as a variety of internet activities and multiple-choice questions for students, and test bank of multiple choice and assessment questions for lecturers.

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Marketing   |   Fourth Edition   |   Paul Baines, Chris Fill and Sara Rosengren   |   December 2016   |   768 pages   |   Paperback   |   ISBN: 9780198748533