The only text to present the fundamental principles of genetics and molecular biology as viewed from an evolutionary perspective and informed by genome analysis.


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What UK & European lecturers are saying...

This is the book you’ve been looking for! A refreshing, new take on your classic genetics textbook. Its integrated approach successfully weaves basic and advanced topics, and leads students through the latest advances in the field.

André Antunes, Edge Hill University

A very well written book, which is easy to read and which includes many interesting examples, figures and videos. It ties different fields of genetics and molecular biology into a coherent entity using an evolutionary perspective.

Anneli Hoikkala, University of Jyvaskylä

An authoritative introductory genetics text which embeds all key concepts within their logical evolutionary framework.

Mike Jackson, Newcastle University

There are many textbooks on genetics that take a purely molecular biology approach. It is good to have an evolutionary perspective on genetic knowledge.

Jan Hoole, Keele University

I think that this book could be superior (to other textbooks) in linking the theory with the current knowledge of the genomic architectures of bacteria and eukaryotes and the state-of-the-art analytical approaches and technologies to address evolutionary questions.

Paolo Franchini, University of Konstanz

Genetics text books can be rather dry. This one shows the relevance of genetics, molecular biology and evolution to modern life and also the impact of previous events (wonderfully explained) on humans today.

Judith Lock, University of Southampton

A great textbook, easy to read (almost conversational writing style), excellent combination of text and colour figures. I would definitely recommend it. It is fresh and up to date, and the big advantage of this book is that it combines various disciplines at the undergraduate level, making for a strong cohesion in teaching.

Casper J. Breuker, Oxford Brookes University