Table of contents

Chapter 1   Family life and the law by Ruth Lamont

Chapter 2   Marriage, civil partnership, and cohabitation by Andrew Hayward

Chapter 3   Seeking a divorce by Edwina Higgins & Kathryn Newton

Chapter 4   Property division on divorce by Polly Morgan

Chapter 5   Property division on the breakdown of non-marital relationships by Warren Barr

Chapter 6   Child support by Lara Walker

Chapter 7   Domestic violence and abuse by Anna Carline & Roxanna Dehaghani

Chapter 8   Legal parenthood and parental responsibility by Kirsty Horsey

Chapter 9   Private child law by Annika Newnham

Chapter 10   The medical treatment of children by Dianne Scullion

Chapter 11   Public law protection by Penelope Russell

Chapter 12   Adoption by Julie Doughty

Chapter 13   Human rights, children's rights, and the family by Helen Stalford & Seamus Byrne

Chapter 14   International family law by Ruth Lamont

Chapter 15   Family law in practice by Patrick Nicholls


Family Law  |  Ruth Lamont  |   March 2018   |   752 pages   |   Paperback   |   ISBN: 9780198749653