Welcome to the development site for Criminology: the new criminology textbook for undergraduates from Oxford University Press. 

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What reviewers are saying...

Well-written and easy to follow, this book speaks to students in an engaging, honest way, leaving room for critical thinking and their own personal interpretations.

Dr Anita Lavorgna, University of Southampton

This is an ambitious, engaging and comprehensive companion guide for students of criminology. It offers much more than a conventional textbook and will be an invaluable resource for students at all levels. 

Professor Neil Chakraborti, University of Leicester

A great go-to manual for every aspect of the subject at degree level, this book really helps the reader understand what criminology means. 

Margherita Colucci, student, Manchester Metropolitan University

This excellent, introductory criminology textbook is the most 'student-friendly' that I have come across. Not only does it provide precisely the sort of help in navigating an unfamiliar or new subject that students need, it also pays careful attention to preparing them for and supporting them through the 'student journey'. Criminology undergraduates will find it indispensable

Professor Fergus McNeill, University of Glasgow

This book provides highly accessible and engaging advice and information on all aspects of the discipline. It really is the complete criminology textbook

Dr Daniel McCarthy, University of Surrey

This book is a must-have for every criminology student. Packed with interesting, up-to-date information, it introduces readers to different debates and perspectives. I can't wait until it's published. 

Evelin Gaal, student, London Metropolitan University

An engaging, insightful and highly practical guide to studying criminology and criminal justice, carefully crafted by some of the leading educators in the field. Positioning the study of criminology as a pathway to becoming an effective, engaged and employable student makes this book stand out from the rest. A one stop shop for any first year undergraduate student of criminology and the related disciplines of sociology, social policy, and social work. 

Professor Matthew Williams, Cardiff University